Procurement  and Agency  presentation


With its diversified network of capital providers, strategic partners, APJ Capital Group has positioned itself, not only as a funding and investment source, but also to add value in other aspects to our customers.



For example, with the tremendous need currently in the Middle East for infrastructure rebuilding and for commodities, specifically petroleum derivatives, APJ Capital has morphed into a global procurement and agent-representation firm in this region of the world.  Procurement in the Middle East has become an integral part of corporate performance. We have built customer-supplier relationships in order to service our customers in their never-ending quest for cost savings.


It is our unwavering policy to devote the utmost attention to every transaction to generate positive risk adjusted returns across market cycles for our investors. We approach all transactions through rigorous fundamental analysis of the drivers of potential investment risk and return and cost benefit analysis. We look at both qualitative and quantitative factors in assessing the risk/reward parameters and then perform extensive due diligence before consummating the deal.


Some of our tactical services include contact with influential policy makers in the Middle East, and the tracking of governmental contract(s) and procurement developments etc.


We assist our clients in raising debt and equity capital and, if appropriate, as a firm also make strategic investments in these businesses. Through our relationships with a broad network of angel investors, private equity, venture capital and family offices we identify and match the right funding sources with the specific deal. We work to structure funding that leverages the client’s strategy and provides sufficient capacity to achieve short and long-term goals.


Over the last couple years APJ Capital has been involved in the development and business acceleration of private growth-stage companies in petrochemical sector in Iraq, electricity, security systems in the Middle East, crude oil procurement, Middle East water and sanitation projects, alternative energy and other sectors in the Middle East.