In a business world of nonstop change there’s only one way to win the game: transform it entirely!


At APJ Capital we believe in getting to know our clients first and the interworking of their organization, its strengths and  weaknesses, in order to recommend the optimum capital and deal structure to meet, not only the short term needs of our customers, but also with a view of the long term vision of the client company.

We view each opportunity as unique. We therefore feel it is extremely important to continually, professionally educate ourselves to be able to make informed business and financial decisions and to improve our business know-how, technical expertise, financial knowledge and service to our stakeholders.



Some of our customers need capital, or a more effective capital structure. Some need to de-leverage their balance sheets, others sometimes, need more leverage.  Some need access to private capital markets to grow and to obtain liquidity; conversely, others need to be taken private. Some need strategic direction. Some need best-practices implementation. Some need better promotion to tell their story more effectively to potential investors and the private capital markets.






At APJ Capital Group, we are committed to helping our clients make an exponential change which may involve doing something nobody has ever done. We bring to our clients a disruptive mind frame. The most successful companies in coming years will be those with disruptive business models not easily replicated by the competition. We are committed to safety and environmental responsibility, while enhancing maximum long-term value.

APJ Capital’s international network of funding relationships in the private capital markets and its procurement network, has positioned the firm in a competitive advantage situation by tailoring a value-added process, when introducing international clients to the appropriate strategic investors or products. Our team of highly talented investment and operating professionals have local and international market knowledge and experience, allowing us to fully address the corporate financial needs of clients around the world.