APJ Capital is assisting a consortium in funding a
150 000 BPD petrochemical complex in the Maysan province of Iraq. The project includes a power generation plant of 600MW and has a TIC of more than $7billion.







In the Middle East, APJ Capital has a strategic business relationship with Enviro Loo.  Enviro Loo is an eco- friendly, water-conservation sanitation system that is affordable, sustainable, has longer life expectancy and is more cost effective over its lifetime compared to a waterborne systems.


It is an sustainable, zero-carbon footprint toilet system,  that uses no chemicals, captures and treats waste through the natural processes of dehydration and evaporation with no contact or contamination of the waste to either the immediate or surrounding environment.

With the current influx of Syrian refugees and other displaced peoples into Jordan and other parts of the Middle East, there is a strategic fit between Enviro Loo and the scarce water resources in the region.

APJ Capital is specifically engaged with world relief and aid organizations in addressing the critical water and sanitation needs of the Syrian refugees and deploying these environmentally friendly award-winning toilets in the region. Typically, the installation of a 1040 eco-friendly toilet saves about 30 000 litres of water per month.


  • APJ Capital is working with a US-based technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of location-based management solutions that enable clients in the intelligence, government, financial, corporate and retail sectors to keep pace with the expanding security threats and requirements of an increasingly mobile cell phone-world


  • Aura Systems is a listed OTC electro-magnetic technology Company based in California that specializes in axial flux induction machine applications. APJ Capital and Aura have a strategic business alliance and are working in the Middle East and in South Africa in providing mobile power solutions at the lowest total cost, while dramatically reducing fuel consumption, emissions and supporting governmental mandates. Aura designed and manufactures the VIPER application that delivers both AC and DC electricity and used by US military. The company also manufactures a refrigeration application used by refrigeration and trucking companies that results in less fuel and electricity usage, with no scheduled maintenance.



  • Petroleum derivative procurement – diesel
  • Crude Oil procurement from Iraq for petrochemical resource company




Providing procurement services for water purification and reticulation projects in Middle East. APJ Capital is currently             working with a Swedish company, Järven Water purification           to decontaminate rivers and streams in the Middle East and          to rejuvenate  water masses



The advances of battery storage” are a key component of one of the “tipping point” breakthroughs that emerged in 2015 and that will change the world.”

-Washington Post - January 1, 2016.


ZAF Energy Systems is leveraging decades of battery research with the latest advances in material sciences and combining them with proprietary innovation. The company designs the technologically most advanced lithium-free batteries that deliver both the highest power density and energy density in today’s market. ZAF delivers 2x the storage capacity of current lead-acid batteries with a longer life span and increased safety and is eco-friendly. Moreover, the battery has none of the environmental concerns of cadmium or lead-based batteries, or the high cost and poor safety record of NiMH or lithium ion batteries.



As a matter of fact the Nickel Zinc is being recognized as the leading solution worldwide for power requirement capabilities...


  • With all of the energy and cost saving measures worldwide, there is still not a commercially viable method of storing this energy which would allow home and business owners to recognize the full potential of these clean energy producing assets. ZAF Energy System’s technology safely and cost effectively eliminates the “use it or lose it” scenario that exists with today’s solar installments.


  • APJ Capital is part of a JV working with ZAF on the AFRICAN continent to manufacture the ZAF new generation batteries in SOUTH AFRICA. Applications for the new generation nickel zinc batteries are in the motor vehicle stop-start- and solar energy storage space.